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2017 Atlantis

Critters Gone Wild is NOT your average photo/video event! This is not one of those events where you are competing against your fellow divers and being judged on completely random and subjective criteria! No … this is so much better than that!

The diving is great, the resorts are great, the food is great and we have the greatest customers in the World! Put that all together and you get a great dive trip!!

Puerto Galera and Dumaguete are similar – but different! We have never been able to pick a "favorite" so we keep going back to both of them. They both have terrific service, great amenities and outstanding food. It's the diving that is different – but kinda the same! You're just going to have to see it for yourself and then you can tell me what you think!

You will certainly get a great variety of marine life. Yes, they have spectacular macro critters – seahorse (big and small), dragonettes, exotic shrimps, frogfish, nudibranchs, etc. They have the weird stuff like octopus, squid, snake eels and stargazers. They have lots of reef fish like scorpion, lion, butterfly and angel fish. They have hard and soft corals, gardens and walls, and some good ol' fashioned muck! They have a little (actually, a lot) of everything. You can't go wrong.

Critters Gone Wild hasn’t forgotten that you like FREE stuff! We will have lots of great prizes including travel, scuba and camera equipment and apparel. But, instead of being cheated out of a great prize, everyone is eligible for daily drawings of thousands of dollars worth of great prizes.

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