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Robert Aschermann

robert aschermannI am the president of Scubaland Adventures as well as being a PADI Course Director. I was certified as diver in 1999 (last century), a PADI Instructor in 2001, and a PADI Course Director in 2007. I have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, South Pacific, Eastern Pacific, and Asia. Whale Sharks, Great White Sharks, Manta Rays, and soon, Humpback Whales are just a few of the ocean’s denizens that I consider my friends.

I was born in Illinois (hey, I didn’t have any say in the matter), grew up in Missouri (still not my decision) and I still have the license plate off the car I was conceived in! Yeah, Mom loves it when I tell people that. Luckily I eventually made it to Texas where I discovered a whole new world (or at least a country).

Then one day I wandered in to a local dive shop known as Scubaland Adventures and my well planned life of a wife, 2.5 kids, a 9 to 5 job making six figures, and a two-week vacation at a time share spun horribly and irrevocably off track. Instead, I went on permanent vacation, became a SCUBA Instructor, and eventually opened a dive shop. My Dad still asks me when I think I might be ready to go back to work. Sorry Dad. It’s probably not going to happen! My life is kind of a working vacation with horrible hours, low pay, and an unrelenting boss. No, Jennifer, I am not talking about you.

If it weren’t for the people I get to hang out with and various places around the world that I get to go to “work” I wouldn’t enjoy doing what I’m doing but I can’t think of a job I’d rather have! I’m still amazed every time that paycheck shows up. It’s a good thing they don’t know I’d be doing this for free!

My passions are dive travel and underwater imaging. I’ve travelled extensively in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. I have a particular affinity for Indonesian liveaboard dive boats. I also use a variety of underwater imaging tools ranging from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs. For video work I’ve used a number of HD systems including GoPro. I also do a lot of digital editing – both still image and video production.

In the Spring of 2016 I have the good fortune to be one of the photo pros for the Critters Gone Wild event being held at Sipadan Water Village Resort in Borneo, Malaysia. It’s my favorite thing to do in my favorite place to do it!

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