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Michael Coker

michael cokerIf someone had told me in 1987 that I would open a dive shop that would grow into the largest and most successful dive shop in Austin and maybe all of Texas, I would have said they were crazy! But, here we are in 2011 and that's exactly what I have! It all started quite innocently; I bought a few sets of gear and planned to teach private classes. One thing led to another and I opened a tiny little store with only 700 sq ft. That 700 sq ft housed the classroom, retail area, office, bathroom, compressor, inventory and repair room! Scubaland now owns a 5000 sq ft building with a pool and has two more locations around Austin. We have our own in-store travel agency (Travel Masters). And, we have started The Swim School, also.

In the early days, I worked the store and taught the classes. It was a tough start! But, teaching people to dive and starting them on a journey of discovery was challenging, satisfying and a whole lot of fun. The growth of the business has all been a natural progression. Travel is such an essential part of diving that starting a Travel Agency was the only thing that made sense. Once someone learns to dive, they MUST travel. With all of those great opportunities available to divers, they really just need to get out there and see what it's all about!

Our success has been due to great customer service. We have been blessed with staff that love to dive and love to share. And, this shows in the service they provide to our customers.

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