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2018 Sipadan

Critters Gone Wild is NOT your average photo/video event! This is not one of those events where you are competing against your fellow divers and being judged on completely random and subjective criteria! No … this is so much better than that!

We had so much fun for our first Critters Gone Wild event we decided to make this an annual event! Please join us for our 3rd Annual Critters Gone Wild when we return to the amazing Sipadan Water Village in 2018

There is no better place to learn about marine life and behavior than the Sipadan Water Village – a super rich environment for marine critters from frog fish to massive schools of fish and everything in between. Let the amazing Divemasters at the Sipadan Water Village teach you how to find, observe and understand marine behavior.

Critters Gone Wild is NOT a photo contest! It's a great learning experience that will enhance every dive you make. It's a chance to learn about Marine Behavior (how to recognize it; how to approach it; how to either capture it in your memory or on a digital chip!). Critters Gone Wild will offer seminars to help you learn about and understand the unique array of critters that you will see on your dives. But, there's more!! We will also have lots of prizes because everyone knows how much fun it is to get FREE stuff! There will be prizes of travel, camera gear, scuba equipment, apparel, accessories and more.

The event is one week - but, please feel free to come early or stay late and enjoy extra dive time.

If you have more time and want more adventure, ask about the optional extension to visit the Orangutan Sanctuary and a river lodge where you can see the endemic wildlife of Borneo - proboscis monkey, Pygmy elephants and more!

Critters Gone Wild hasn’t forgotten that you like FREE stuff! We will have lots of great prizes including travel, scuba and camera equipment and apparel. But, instead of being cheated out of a great prize, everyone is eligible for daily drawings of thousands of dollars worth of great prizes.

Getting to Sipadan Water Village is easy! There are many airlines that can get you to Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. From there, you can fly Malaysia Air to Tawau. But, don’t get bogged down in the details! Let us take care of booking the flights for you. Let us do the work so you can enjoy the trip!

2018 Event Details

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