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Travel Team

vickie coker

Vickie Coker

President/Owner of Travel Masters

Vickie claims to be the luckiest girl in the world. And, for anyone that knows her – they believe it, too! She has been blissfully married for 25 years; she has the best dog in the world (Max); and she has a job that she LOVES. As owner and operator of Travel Masters, she and her husband, Mike, have led trips ALL over the world. And, not just for diving! In addition to a long list of dive destinations and experiences, they have also taken groups to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, to Rwanda to sit with Mountain Gorillas, to Antarctica to smell the penguins, to Peru to stand in amazement at Machu Picchu, to the Amazon River to have “tea” with the chief of a native tribe, to Alaska to watch salmon jump into the mouths of Grizzly Bears and on and on and on! So, when she says she’s excited to help you book your trip – you can believe it! She loves to share the world with anyone that has enough adventure in their soul to go explore and experience.




jennifer aschermann

Jennifer Aschermann

Manager / Travel Agent

September 1, 2014 ushered in a new era for me. I joined the Travel Masters team to pursue my passion for dive travel! As many of you know, if you spent any time around me, I absolutely LOVE to travel and can (and will) talk about it all day long. Now I actually CAN talk about it all day! I've been lucky to have traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Cozumel, Bahamas, Bonaire, Roatan, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Thailand, Russia, Germany and Austria…whew! I am responsible for all our group SCUBA trips but can also put together individual travel itineraries. We have some amazing trips next year and I hope to see you diving soon!



Our Passion for Dive Travel

Travel Masters has been telling people where to go since 1991! They are staffed by scuba divers that have traveled the world. So, they know where you want to go, how to get you there, and what to do once you arrive. They specialize in Dive and Adventure travel.

They are pros at organizing group trips and keeping track of all the details so that your trip is seamless.

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